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direct debit collection

Your benefits

  • Cost savings
  • More cash collected
  • Contract management to ensure the right cash is collected on time
  • Online sign up by customers to help sales

Direct debit collection

No set up charges and first 2 months free!

Direct debits remain the most cost-effective way of collecting regular amounts of money from your customers or members. Selkirk Finance is a specialist and accredited BACS Commercial Bureau with the specialist skills and systems to collect money by direct debit on your behalf with the funds arriving directly into your bank account.

The professional service provided by Selkirk Finance ensures the collection of the right amount on the right date with the lowest level of rejected direct debits. This means more cash for your business more quickly.

To help your sales activity and cash flow we can also offer your own web page integrated into your web site in order to allow customers to sign up to pay by direct debit. The information captured from the page will be linked back into our own direct debit collection systems.

The advantage of trusting your direct debit collections to the specialist service from Selkirk Finance includes:

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